Alexander Cottle

Whether you are a beginner or a more advanced Yogi, Alex is keen to meet you and help you on your path. Through his own journey he learned many tools to bring a more balanced equilibrium to the mind.Alex has been practising and teaching Yoga all over the world for the last couple of years and recently founded his own Yoga space in Dorset, UK.  He spends his free time exploring the best surfing spots in the UK and Portugal.

Yoga has been a long and sometimes challenging road for Alex but he is determined to continue on for the rest of his life, knowing as he does the spiritual, physical and emotional benefits of committed practice. Alex would like to think that through his own struggles and deep personal inquiry, he’s fully equipped to offer help to others that has profoundly changed his life.

Vaše dary poháhají denně lidem najít a napojit se na Sebe, rozhodovat se v lásce a žít spokojený a naplněný život