Darina Samuelova

(Founder of RadiateLove)
is Yoga and Meditation Teacher whos journey started in the UK as Fitness Instructor and continued in Asia where she expanded her knowledge in ancient wisdom of Yoga which led her into further realising of the true essence of OneSelf. Through Radiate Love Retreats, Workshops and Yoga Teacher Trainings,  Darina continues to spread love for Life and its ability to express itself in various and unique ways. Darina is the Founder of Radiate Love Retreats and Co-Creator of Samma Karuna – Awakening & Healing School – Koh Phangan, Thailand.

Darina’s persistence and determination paid off when she left Czech at age 18 to
pursue a career in the UK as a personal fitness training coach.
Unfortunately, an exhausting schedule of teaching and personal training led to injuries and burnout,
but subsequently led Darina to yoga & meditation – which saved her life.

Deciding to follow her new passion, she packed up everything and moved to Asia
to continue studying yoga and the art of a balanced life, and is a registered Yoga
Alliance 500 Hr Senior Teacher.

With her creative flair and eye for detail, Darina co-established Samma Karuna –
Awakening and Healing School, one of the leading yoga and awakening schools
in Thailand.

Darina’s main focus is on Yoga as a therapeutic tool for healthy alignment, and
the release of tension and anxiety. She continues to study and explore various
methodologies, mainly under the guidance of world-renowned osteopath and
integrative cranio-sacral therapist, Oren Dotan.

Currently, Darina teaches Yoga Teacher Trainings primarily in Thailand, but also
organizes workshops and retreats all over the world – which allows her to indulge
her love of travel, and further her studies in Yoga Philosophy and Vedanta.

Through Yoga, Tantra, Reiki, coaching and other healing modalities, Darina is
passionate about working one on one, assisting people to fall in love with life
again and pursue their dreams with renewed energy and focus.

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