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EFT Technika Emoční Svobody

EFT 1h 30 min min Sezení , osobně či online 

EFT is a combination of the energy system found in Chinese medicine with modern psychology and neuroscience. It helps to quickly reduce any “stress responses” stored in the system while also re-wiring the nervous system so that you can get it to work for you and not against you.
In Chinese medicine, there is a flow of energy that runs through the body along the meridians.

In acupuncture when the body is unwell it is because this energy flow is disrupted, and acupuncture is to stick needles in certain points in order to stimulate the meridians and get the energy flowing again, to get it balanced, and then wellness happens.

EFT was discovered when a woman with a lifelong phobia of water used acupressure on a stomach meridian and unexpectedly her fear of water disappeared instantly

A gentleman by the name of Gary Craig came along who was trained as an engineer and found if you tapped certain key points along the body in a certain order, that seemed to clear up almost all of the issues.

Later, coaches like Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield, Joe Vitale featured in the movie “The Secret” started to promote EFT as a way to clear limiting beliefs about money that can be as deeply ingrained in the subconscious mind as a phobia

EFT works amazingly alongside any other healing modality, like yoga, massage or coaching style approaches because EFT helps people move towards their goals with much less fear or resistance.  
“As a practicing psychiatrist with over 25 years of clinical experience, I see EFT as the most promising new treatment I’ve ever encountered. The potential applications of this deceptively simple technique are limitless.”
~ Dr. Leskowitz


Energetické Čtení – Kompletní Holistický rozbor a Energetický výklad 1600Kč

Energie Reiki na dálku 
800 Kč ………….30min

Váš dar předplatí “Napojení s Dari” někomu, kdo si to nemůže dovolit.