Koh Phangan – Abundance Nature

25th – 29th January

Be invited to our beautiful and super I N T E N S I O N A L, organic and
R E L A X E D  5 – day ABUNDANCE yoga & meditation retreat by the beach in the beautiful island of Koh Phangan.

The 5 day retreat will be intentioned toward R E V I T A L I S A T I O N &
N A T U R E   A B U N D A N C E, using some incredible modalities that we have deep personal experience with consisting of: Yoga, Hiking, Meditation, Breathwork, Kirtan and Drumming as well as connecting with NATURE.


Day 1
Power of Mantras

No holding back ! Meet us early for unofficial hike to one of the hidden beaches of Koh Phangan.
In the evening we will immerse you straight into the power of Mantras, storytelling and high vibrations with our  musicians.
There might even be some caccaoooo.

Day 2
Into the process

To Activate your energy we gotta shake, breathe, stretch and jump.
Series of active meditations, kundalini yoga and breath work will set us on path towards inner higher vibrations.

Day 3
Stillness is essential

Everything came out of and is going to end in stillness.
“Still meditations, walking in silence and fasting nourishes the path of the observer.”

Day 4
Movement is life

From stillness, movement arises.
Dance, jump, crawl – welcome to the animal world but in the human role, with uniqueness with awareness with sensuality straight into connection and love.

Day 5
Integrate and Celebrate

Apply your knowledge, move with awarenesses, meditate, pray and enjoy the renewed energy of the tribe on trip up the National Park.

*See program in details below
*Free flow after sunset activities (jamming, storytelling, collective painting, singing etc..)
*The guidance will finish 29th January at sunset time 

                   Full pass:  250 Eur (until 31/12/2019)
1 Day Pass : 60 Eur (2000 THB) – Hikes included


Spaces are Limited

Why not !


*Choose accommodation located north of the island (Haad Khom Beach)
1. Ocean view Resort (super close by our Shala and nicest)  more info
2. Coral Bay Resort (budget friendly, 2 min beach walk)  more info
3. AirBnb (Haad Khom Beach offers many Airnb possibilities too) 

*Rent scooter only if you are experienced rider


Meet us…..



Ben McDowell

“Hi I am Benjy & looking forward to sharing Kundalini Yoga practice.
My journey into kundalini yoga began by me doing backflips relentlessly on trampolines, at this age i was gung-ho for life but didn’t know the boundaries of my body and how to respect, operate within them and respectfully expand those boundaries. Through my Kundalini Yoga practice i am opening up the potential of my body and filling it with a feeling of strength, empowerment and capability. The constant gentle exposure to my physical and emotional limits that the practice provides allows me to understand and easily navigate my inner being and how to create beauty with minimal effort and strain. ”
Ben is also accredited Remedial Massage Therapist practicing full-time in Melbourne and will be offering his services in spare time.

Remedial Massage 
Ben is full-time accredited Remedial Massage Therapist practicing full-time in Melbourne, Australia for the past 4 years. During this time he have’ve worked in clinical & wellness settings along with having a successful private practice.  “Having such a concrete experience in these environments has given me an in-depth understanding of how to tailor the treatment to each individual based on their intention and requirements. Along with helping people to restore optimal function to their musculo-skeletal system i also provide lymphatic drainage massage which allows the unburdening of the body from accumulated toxins.”



Sandhya says: “Yoga is part of my life since I was a teenager. It is my way of living and being. To combine our practice with the elements of nature is one of the greatest resources what we can use for a happy and healthy life.
I am here to share my knowledge with you. Be warmheartly welcome.”

Izzy Prince

is a Dance Teacher and Body Movement practitioner who has been dedicating his life for over 20 years onto this path, organising dancing festivals, teaching workshops, and performing his craft around the world. He is passionate about dancing being a powerful tool for expressing creative mind and emotions through body movements. He is the founder of Sensuality Movement and KIZZ4U Festival Saigon, Vietnam.

Darina Samuel

is Yoga and Meditation Teacher whos journey started in the UK as Fitness Instructor and continued in Asia where she expanded her knowledge in ancient wisdom of Yoga which led her into further realising of the true essence of OneSelf. Through Radiate Love Retreats, Workshops and Yoga Teacher Trainings, Darina continues to spread love for Life and its ability to express itself in various and unique ways. Darina is the Founder of Radiate Love Retreats and Co-Creator of Samma Karuna – Awakening & Healing School – Koh Phangan, Thailand. *

At Together we Grow Darina will present Group EFT technique as well as be available for private EFT sessions.


Carla Soledad

Carla Soledad Rivera grew up in Ecuador and has been dancing since childhood, when she would burrow her teacher’s radio to choreograph with her friends, or stage performances with her sister and cousins. Upon returning to native Chicago, she fell in love with Flamenco; its passion and sensibility to express those core feelings and true sentiments of life.  She trained in Classical Spanish, Regional and Flamenco dance and performed in the choreographies of Dame Libby Komaiko, Juan Linares, Edo Sei, Timo Lozano, Vida Peral, Juan Mata & Ana Gonzalez of the National Ballet of Spain amongst others. Independently, she has studied with local and international dancers like Susan Clinnard and Omayra Amaya Her love for movement extended to costumes and understanding their potential making her first practice skirt at age 15 and her first Flamenco dress two years later after her first sewing class in high school. She is the founder, instructor and choreographer of Olé Siam Flamenco: a sharing platform aiming to create a community in Thailand to share and spread a better understanding of this one and only form of art that communicates through dance and music to reveal the ‘duende’… the true being that lives in all of us, one’s spirit.
She is based in Thailand where she houses all her projects under one roof, The HOME: House Of Magical Epiphanies… holding space to inspire your essence through art and design, food and sound, movement and stillness.
Carla will bring workshop:


David J.P. Ethier

Is a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist trained in Seichim, clendinning, theta healing and shamanism. He offers an unique blend of tailor made sessions, which become a deep self healing experience and self confidence booster.
At “Together we Grow” he will guide us through Deep Theta Group Meditation


Supported available modalities

*extra charge applies

Water Therapy

“Water therapy” Offer a deep and unique healing. The absence of gravity provided by water naturaly brings you in a deep state of relaxation. Being held into my arms your fully supported to dive deep in yourself. In this feeling of safety old blockages will be released spontaneously, without any effort.

Julie has 11 years of body work experience. “I will create for you a sacred space to connect with your heart and realize your own truth.”


Luke Bracamonte

As passionate traveller, guide and Tour lLeader, Luke enjoys good hike, physical challenge that comes with it and beauty of each country.
on “Together We Grow”  Luke will guide us through moderate hikes on beautiful Island Koh Phangan towards amazing viewpoints and stunning beaches ! Thanks Luke !

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