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Darina Samuel

Founder of Radiate love, 500h Senior yoga & meditation teacher
“Variety of meditations shred light on major subjects of our life where reflection and deeper meditation is needed.”
Darina is senior yoga teacher and trainer, life coach and event organiser living Yogic lifestyle for almost 10 years now. Spending time in South east Asia, Nepal and India allows her to keep learning new modalities and tap into many life lessons through which she is able to coach and guide people towards their main purpose and inner truth.”

Izzy Prince

is a Dance Teacher and Body Movement practitioner who has been dedicating his life for over 20 years onto this path, organising dancing festivals, teaching workshops, and performing his craft around the world.
He is passionate about dancing being a powerful tool for expressing creative mind and emotions through body movements. He is the founder of Sensuality Movement* and KIZZ4U Festival Saigon, Vietnam.
*Sensuality movement is a modality to dive deep into yourself, connect and restore balance within you for peaceful and joyful life.


Karolina Rehberg

“After working in public service in Germany for more then 15 years and finding myself in a hamsterwheel living, with experience of burn out and depression, I decided to step out of this wheel to follow my inner calling and share my true gifts. Now my motivation and passion is to live authenticly and aligned with my heart. By sharing my experiences and this heart essence through Yoga/ Meditation & intuitive private Sessions, as well through intuitive Massage and Bodywork I am able to help clients to reconnect with their inner strength again.
Karolina is Yoga Teacher and Massage Therapist (Thai Yoga Massage & Healing Touch bodywork ©) and was able to study Yoga and its Philosophy in a private Training in Thailand/ Koh Phangan and several Trainings in Germany.



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