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Yoga – Trekking – Meditation – Authentic Relating – Astrology – Kirtan

This year, our annual retreat will take place in amazing Pokhara, the City of Lakes and window to the Himalayas. Here, the altitude varies from 827 metres in the south to 1,740 metres in the north, and is the beginning of the Annapurna Mountain Range.

Each morning will begin with meditation and yoga practice, and early evenings will consist of Self-Compassion Workshops, Authentic Relating Games, Dharma Teachings,Yoga Nidra, Kirtan and Astrology

Itinerary :

Day 1 Arrival at Kathmandu Airport

Our hotel is approx. a 40 min drive from the airport, right in the centre of bustling Kathmandu. Virtually on the doorstep are the local shops and busy restaurants of Thamel. We will gather at the rooftop restaurant at 4pm for a Welcome Talk & Opening Circle. At 7pm a dinner reservation has been made in a popular restaurant nearby.

*breakfast/brunch included
*evening meal at own expense

Day 2 Kathmandu

As the sun rises, those who wish to can join us for morning worship ritual at a local Hindu temple, arriving back in time for yoga & meditation practice. After breakfast we set off for a tour of local sacred sites that will occupy the rest of the day. Evenings are an open invitation for a group dinner gathering or optional free solo time.

*breakfast/brunch included 
*dinner at own expense

Day 3 Trip to City of Devotees

After morning devotion, yoga, meditation & breakfast we gather our belongings and set out on an overnight trip to Bhaktapur – the enchanted city of devotees, host to some of the finest religious architecture in the country, and famous for its temples and traditional arts. Bhaktapur is a living museum and Unesco World Heritage Site. Spending the night in this city is a mystical experience. (To view this tapestry of Nepali life, visitors must pay a town entry fee, which helps fund temple repair and maintenance)

*breakfast/brunch included 
*tour guide for Bhaktapur included
*dinner at own expense
*entry to Bhaktapur is approx. 1000 Rupees

Day 4 Pokhara – Drive to Raniban Hotel, (6hrs)

We shall set off early on the journey to Pokhara in order to settle into our retreat space in good time, and formally welcome you to the Himalayalas with a local Puja ceremony. The Raniban Retreat is located on the secluded hillock of Raniban hill forest, and boasts a breathaking view of the Himalayan panorama, the great Fewa Lake and Pokhara Valley. Its peaceful disposition is due to its hill top habitat, accessible via 500 stone steps through wild fauna.

*breakfast/brunch included
*dinner at own expense

Day 5 Pokhara – Sunrise / Sightseeing

Waking early is a must in the Himalayas. The spectacular beauty of morning sunrise against the misty mountainous backdrop is an experience not to be missed. After yoga & meditation we shall explore the beautiful lakeside city of Pokhara and its waterfront temples.

Evening programme: Authentic Relating Games event.

*brunch included
*dinner at own expense

Day 6 Pokhara – Rest

An optional sunrise breathwork practice, followed by yoga & meditation opens the day. Here is an opportunity for a day of rest, reflection, connection and astrology insights with our special guest astrologer Alice Pazzi.

Enjoy the magnificent view with a book and traditional local tea, or meditate at the foot steps of the Himalayan mountains.

Evening programme: Kirtan (devotional singing) led by angel-voiced Cheryl Friedman.

*brunch included
*dinner at own expense

Day 7 Himalayan Foothills – Lets Go Trekking!

(accommodation at traditional Tea Houses until day 11)

Our trek starts directly at the doorstep of our retreat place! Highest altitude will be around 2500m (recommended info about altitude here)
Recommendation about trekking gear and what to bring in general here

Day 8 Guided Mountain Trek
Day 9 Guided Mountain Trek
Day 10 Guided Mountain Trek
Day 11 Guided Mountain Trek

Return drive to Pokhara, reflection and sharing circle on the trekking experience, followed by a gentle Yin Yoga practice to unwind and relax.

*on trekking days 7-11 simple breakfast, lunch and dinner is included

Day 12 Pokhara – Relax

Use this day to recover, rest and perhaps book yourself an appointment for a massage, Reiki or EFT Tapping treatment.

*brunch included
*dinner and treatments at own expense

Day 13 Kathmandu – Drive back from Pokhara

A slow return to civilization is recommended (as it can be quite jarring after the simple beauty of the Himalayas). Use the journey back to settle, regroup and reflect on your memories and experiences. These days up in Himalayas are sure to bring growth, new insights and emotional/spiritual maturity. Our final closing circle and evening dinner is a special time; during the inner and outer journey of this unique experience, we become FAMILY.

*breakfast/brunch included 
*dinner at own expense

Day 14 Morning Visit to Firefly Foundation (Optional) & Departure

This is a very special day trip and opportunity for Karma Yoga practice, but is optional for retreatants. The Firefly Foundation is a well established non- profit charity that cares for over 100 Nepalese village children whose parents have either passed away, disappeared, are imprisoned or are too poor to feed them. We like to bring gifts, treats and toys and dedicate part of our time to the beautiful children of Firefly. This heart-warming visit is very popular among our guests, so get ready to play, laugh, sing and hug.

Yoga, meditations & workshops will be present throughout the entire trip to integrate the whole experience into our everyday life, and help us to manage our energies, emotional wellbeing and spiritual practices so that the experience of True Self or Essential Nature can be fully felt.


Meet the team…

Darina Samuel

Darina’s persistence and determination paid off when she left Czech at age 18 to pursue a career in the UK as a personal fitness training coach while venturing into the yoga world, bringing new opportunities and synchronicities. Unfortunately, overtraining in her own practice led to injuries and burnout. This is when yoga & meditation saved her life. She sold everything and moved to Asia to continue studying yoga and the art of balanced life.

Darina brought her creative dedication and eye for detail to Thailand, empowering her to help establish Samma Karuna – Awakening and Healing School, one of the leading healing centres in Thailand. Yoga as a therapy to release tension & anxiety is Darina’s biggest focus. She continues to study and explore methodologies, mainly under the guidance of world-renowned osteopath and integrative cranio-sacral therapist, Oren Dotan.

Her love of travel has taken her across Asia and India for further study of yoga and philosophy. These days, Darina teaches yoga teacher trainings primarily in Thailand and organizes workshops and retreats, although her main passion is working with people individually. Through Yoga, Tantra, coaching & other tools, Darina helps people to fall in love with life again and pursue their dreams with renewed energy.


Aly Hazlewood

Originally from London, Aly Hazlewood now lives and teaches in an intentional community in S.E Asia. A meditator in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition for over 10 years, and full time Meditation Teacher and Self-Compassion Coach for the last 4 years. In 2016, Aly created Wonderland Healing Center’s renowned meditation programme and will soon begin teaching at ‘Inner Walk’, Asia’s first Walking Meditation center in Koh Phangan. Passionate about the healing effects of Mindfulness, Aly has taught these tools in French refugee camps, cancer symposiums in the UK, spiritual festivals, and corporate wellbeing programs. Additionally, she is a Reiki Master and EFT (Tapping) Practitioner, using a variety of healing modalities within the framework of mindfulness.

Cornelis Dekker

Drawn to yoga through an aching heart, Cornelis (35) found the Asana practice at the age of twenty one. After a handful of years practicing traditional Hatha, the call of the world drew him to develop a more pragmatic lifestyle. A solid college degree, a career in film making, modeling, and running a lucrative artisan workshop called, Tin Can Customs, eventually all helped pave the way back to himself. While slipping in and out of a steady meditation practice, Yoga gradually eased its way back into his life. His first teacher training was done with only the intention of teaching his mother. However, after a long travel throughout India, he felt called to share his experience and now teaches a mix of grounded Hatha Yoga, playful Vinyasa sequencing, and an accompaniment of methodology, Nidra and bodywork. With a compassionate character and an open heart, you’ll find the space he holds to be a safe one.


Alice Pazzi

Alice Pazzi (Italy) is an astrologer and psychologist with over 25 years experience. She studied with Vedic astrologist Alfeo Luglié (from India) who lived with Tibetan lamas for more than twenty years, and writes for newspapers, magazines, web portals, and participates as an expert in radio and television programs. Alice will offer Astrology talks and private readings. She is also a Reiki master and accomplished Artist.

Karolina Rehberg

Karolina Rehberg (Germany) will join us under an internship opportunity, with her beautiful contribution of adjustments, alignment, soft touch and massage. Karolina has been Darina’s student for the past 2 years and they share the passion for Anahatha and the power of Yin. “GO WHERE YOU FEEL THE MOST ALIVE”

Cheryl Friedman

Cheryl Friedman (U.S.A) is a graduate of the Heart of Sound, the first 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training devoted entirely to the transformative power of sound. She has attended kirtan workshops with recording artists, Dave Stringer and Jai Uttal, and spent a summer immersed in the practice and study of kirtan at Radhadesh ISKCON Center in Belgium. Cheryl was a presenter on the Sacred Sound Stage at the 2018 International Yoga Festival in Rishikesh. Cheryl currently lives on the island of Koh Phangan, where she teaches mantra and Sanskrit to hundreds of students who come to take part in Yoga Teacher Trainings and has hosted a weekly kirtan for the past two years. She also leads weekly sound meditation, and Rebirthing Breathwork sessions.

Investment / payment

10 spots for 1250 EUR

6 spots for  1350 EUR 

3 spots left for 1500 EUR 

Private room upgrade 250 EUR **


*Fees based on shared room package

** Private room can be requested prior to payment ( for the trekking days private room is not guaranteed. Availability will depend on business of the trekking route)


***Retreat can be purchase via PayPal below or by bank transfer



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