SoulFood Retreat ✔

What a beautiful Soulfood Group we had!

Away from our beeping phones and ever-filling inboxes, we wake up quietly into sunny day that starts with MEDITATION and YOGA
NOURISH our bodies with plant based YUMMINESS, spending time reflecting or take time to remember the things we love doing—whether it’s re-reading our favorite books, or watching the clouds roll by while we picnic together outside.
We connect in a way that just doesn’t feel possible when we’re tethered to our devices during our busy week.

Afternoon may belong to Cooking and learning about our constitution and Ayurvedic food or about ourselves through Gaia Dance (more info below)

EVENINGS can be filled with gentle Yin poses with candle light flickering all around you or shamanic style Breathwork with its powerful manifesting powers.

~ daily morning yoga and meditation
~ Ayurvedic Cooking Workshop & Ayurvedic food
~ candle light Yin Yoga
~ Earth Yoga
~ Dancing workshop
~ Sunset Ocean walk
~ Fireplace

Let’s spend these days more connected than ever—connected to each other, to nature, and to ourselves.

This Retreat will be held in a mix of english and german (yoga classes in english and/ or german, Translation if needed for the Ayurvedic workshop)

Eur 380 / USD 430
Includes Accommodation & food ( plant based, made with love)
Ayurvedic workshop & Dance workshop


Karolina Rehberg
“After working in public service in Germany for more then 15 years and finding myself in a hamsterwheel living, with experience of burn out and depression, I decided to step out of this wheel to follow my inner calling and share my true gifts. Now my motivation and passion is to live authenticly and aligned with my heart. By sharing my experiences and this heart essence through Yoga/ Meditation & intuitive private sessions, as well through intuitive Massage and Bodywork I am enabling clients to reconnect with their inner strength again.”
Karolina is Yoga Teacher and Massage Therapist (Thai Yoga Massage & Healing Touch Bodywork © ) and was able to study Yoga and its philosophy in a private training in Thailand/ Koh Phangan and attended several trainings in Germany.

Darina Samuel
“As founder of Radiate Love I am extremely excited for this Soulfood Retreat to see the light. Combining Gentle yoga practice with Ayurvedic food and feminine power creates pure magic. Variety of meditation shreds light on major subjects of our life where reflection and deeper meditation is needed.”
Darina is senior yoga teacher and trainer, life coach and event organiser living Yogic lifestyle for almost 10 years now. Spending time in South east Asia, Nepal and India allows her to keep learning new modalities and tap into many life lessons through which she is able to coach and guide people towards their main purpose and inner truth.


Sandy Branco De Sousa – Ayurveda

“Slow living and healthy nutrition is my natural way to share with the world my knowledge. Before health coaching and teaching yoga I worked for many years in Tourism in Canada and in luxury Hotels as a Concierge enhancing guests experiences. In the past I worked for banks, large corporations and retail stores. In between these work experiences I traveled the world looking for answers on how to live accordingly to my own desires, dreams and nature. My main teachers of my self development journey were my skin, PCO’s, scoliosis & leaky gut conditions. Today after my studies, experiences of lifestyles, diets and careers, I am creating a haven of peace which will serve whomever is a seeker of healing and change.”

Izzy Prince – Movement

Gaia Dance is a modality that allows to experience the creative mind through body movement and based on animal movements, body isolation, dance movements, and dance communication. This modality is aimed to help you get to know yourself better through the experience of your body movement. Benefits of the practice include improving strength, flexibility and develop a creative mind.

“Dance your heart away, it’s a shortcut to happiness!” Izzy Prince

Swara Sanctuary, Aveiro
Nearest Airport: Porto
2nd Airport: Lisbon
*airport pick up available
Arrive by train to Aveiro

Shared rooms in traditional Portuguese style
Spacious Kitchen & Garden to rest, eat and connect

*airport transfers can be arranged for small fee

Vaše dary poháhají denně lidem najít a napojit se na Sebe, rozhodovat se v lásce a žít spokojený a naplněný život