Women’s Retreat – Hormonal Yoga ✔

2nd – 6th October

We would like to share with you the secret of Hormonal Yoga Therapy. It is a truly powerful technique which brings positive benefits to your life.  You will feel more a woman again – living in your own essence and beauty. You will unlock a vital store of energy, know infinite joy and orgasmic flow which will enhance your libido and creativity. You will also open up on a physical level and you will be able to transform yourself both spiritually and mentally.


Our body behaves according to our thoughts, beliefs and emotions. Getting our balance back is the key to our health. With Hormonal Yoga Therapy (HYT) you will be guided step by step to reach this potential.


Hormonal Yoga Therapy was originally designed by Dinah Rodrigues and, now in her 60’s, she is living proof of the beneficial effects of this method. HYT was tested scientifically with research being conducted in Brazil with successful results. It has helped many women around the world.

Hot flushes ~ Urogenital dryness ~ Incontinence ~ Low libido ~ Bladder infections ~ Insomnia ~ Night sweats; ~ Depression ~ Anxiety ~ Thyroid imbalances ~ Polycystic ovaries ~ PMS ~ Infertility ~ Painful periods ~ Carpal tunnel syndrome

HYT is therapeutic and is based on the physiology necessary to reactivate the production of hormones.  The poses are dynamic, with very strong pranayama to massage and reactivate the glands. Also, it uses the Tibetan energy technique to reinforce the results.

It is suitable for women of all ages, with or without yoga experience.

In this course you will learn the sequence of hormonal therapy to include 30 minutes daily practice and anti stress exercises.

Practicing three or four times per week will bring you positive results. In the first month your body will reset and slowly find its natural state again.

You will receive:

Accommodation & food at Swara Slow Living, entire program, workshops, trip to the beach, vitamin L ;)….. its LOVE of course 

Online support via email

PDF study materials with clear descriptions of poses and anti stress techniques for home practice.

Guidance notes on women’s health, menstruation, the moon cycle, yogi practice, self love and female energy.


You will leave with a toolkit for all your hormonal needs for the rest of your life.

Surely, if you had access to the remedy you would take it?

Dinah Rodrigues: Plus her web : or not https://www.dinahrodrigues.com.br/home-en


Example of your day:

Morning Pranayama
Hormonal Yoga Therapy (HYT) Sequence


HYT – anti-stress sequence

Lunch & Beach 

Yoga Nidra /Yin Yoga /Aroma Yoga

Find your voice – Kirtan

How much?
585 GBP
I am coming!




Monika Velechovska

Monika Velechovska

International Hormonal Yoga

“When I teach, I feel as though every cell is alive and dancing with passion. It is my greatest joy to share the incredible, transformational teachings of hormonal yoga therapy. And witness the awakening power with my students. It is pure bliss to be a guide on this journey. ”

Monika navigates you through a powerful blend of healing modalities like Hormonal yoga therapy, Yin yoga, Birth Into Being, Yuen method, Access Bar and Intuitive healing touch. She creates a safe and comfortable space to release physically and emotionally, and allows for true healing to begin. Her own life experience has taken her to the UK, Asia, Bali to learn and change her behavioural patterns. She found this was from her traumatic birth, emotional childhood and familial relationships. It was having an impact on her health, relationships and career.

Monika conducted retreats and  workshops in Bali, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, UK, and CZ. Her daily life is her work field/ practice, she also works as a personal care assistant 24hrs support care for spinal cord injury people.

“When we create from a place of integrity, the outcome is bound to be magnificent. Whether we are birthing a new baby, a dream project, or an upgraded version of ourselves, we must first learn to connect the broken pieces and surrender to our own Greatness.” Birth Into Being method has opened new door to feel my heart again.

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