Darina Samuel

Is international Yoga teacher and trainer who has dynamic background in fitness, personal training and massage therapy.

“Yoga has helped me during my heavy fitness years in busy life in England and after hitting rock bottom, brought me up to study Knowledge of life and its celebration.”

Darina has spend couple years building successful Awakening & healing centre on Koh Phangan, where she lives and teaches for most of the year. Her style is based on great knowledge of alignment and anatomy with sprinkles of magic 🙂

Her speciality is combining dynamic yoga practice with yin and restorative style. “Seeing each person as individual with its abilities and limitations is necessary in Yoga and only by understanding them holistically we can tailor yoga practice to their needs.”

Her interest in emotional release and unlocking and changing old patterns has lead her towards life coaching through which she helps people all over the world either personally with her naturally positive attitude or online.


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