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If you came here just to read, thank you and welcome. Everything written here is subjective literacy, based on inner truth, tinted with emotions and non rational thoughts….one could say it is a fiction….maybe you find yourself in it, maybe you will laugh at it, either way is great. Literature is here to make us laugh, cry, crazy….to spark our imagination, to inspire us into action. And if that happens, then we succeeded.
Pokud jste sem přišli jen si číst, děkujeme a vítejte. Všechno, co je tu napsané je subjektivní pravda, postavená na vnitřních prožitcích a i ty jsou zbarveny emocemi, mnohdy iracionálními myšlenkami a opředené vláknem času. Takže v podstatě fikce. Možná se v ní najdeš, možná se tomu budeš smát, oboje je super. Literatura je tu, aby nás rozesmála, rozplakala, rozčílila…otevřela oči a zažehla inspiraci nebo plamen k akci. A pokud se to stane, pak jsme zvítězili.

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Did you write a piece in the past that you would like to be published and others to have the opportunity to read it, get in touch with us, submit your writing and we will publish it in our section. Or are you a sporadic writer….thats also ok, we would love to hear from you.
Napsal jsi něco, co by jsi rád nechal svět přečíst? Spoj se s námi a my tvůj článek budeme publikovat v naší sekci. Nebo jsi velmi sporadický pisatel a chtěl by jsi něco publikovat jen občas, i to je v pořádku…rádi od tebe uslyšíme.

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Our heart is our compass ♡ Use it and you will always know what to do
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Although perceived as a weed, Dandelions are powerful healers. If its tea, coffee, salve, tincture or essence of the flower, Dandelion provides healing of body mind and spirit. We are each day amazed of the powers of this plant. And you will be too. Just ask us.


Dandelions are symbol of abundance and infinity. Dandelion flower is natural supporter. With its roots its fluffing the soil and by doing so helping other dandelions and plants to grow faster. Dandelions are flowers of transformation. Their energy allows you to transform just like the flower itself. From seed through sunshine flower to bundle of parachutes to be blown away to spread Love and light. Just like you


Dandelions when fully blown away can reach far distances and start their own families while receiving support from other dandelions. And we are all Dandelions. By sharing our gifts and talents and supporting and encouraging others to share and show theirs we create sustainable Shared Economy especially in those uncertain times. Support you network. You are one of us!

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Darina, you have been such a blessing for me. I loved the private coaching with you. Your free spirit and your heart. This amazing experience with you has changed my life in a better way of living, sharing and loving. Thank you 🙏🧡🦋

Catharina Beckers

Amazing experience with amazing people. Left feeling complete and loved! Wonderful place too! Xx

Tom Richardson

Wow, ich bin sprachlos. Die Liebe und Hingabe ist so spürbar. Wahnsinn. 😍😍😍

Birthe Schütz

It was a great human and spiritual experience with Darina in the RadiateLoveRetreat Nepal 2019, full of cultural and spiritual cues. All very well organized, both in the cities and in the Himalayan mountains. The tour chosen and the trekking studied in detail and facilities excellent . Lovely yoga and extraordinary meditation. I certainly suggest this experience and I will be present in the next RadiatLove Retreat. A grateful hug, Alice

Alice Pazzi

Darina is a wonderful Yoga Instructor. I’d highly recommend her with particular emphasis to anyone in recovery from a serious injury or illness. She listens carefully to what you have to say and then offers options in the yoga poses so that people of all abilities/disabilities can get the most from their yoga sessions.

She has been instrumental in my recovery and in all honesty, the day I stepped into her class was the first day my quality of life improved for the better. I owe a great deal of where I am today to Darina and her wonderful patience, understanding, advice and guidance. She sees the person and their capabilities rather than their illness and their disabilities. Thank you and Namaste.

Shazz Mc Latchie

The Radiate Love Training was a gift to me and Darina is my angel. She shined out and shared everything I needed for my journey on this special retreat. I can now explore and start my new life with these precious tools and experiences. “Once your mind expands, there’s no way back” – thank you so much Dari love, love, love!! It seems like, I cannot even thank you enough.

Karolina Rehberg

Inhouse writers

The Indigo Child

The Indigo Child writes timeless messages of love, truth and eternal wisdom

Mr. Banana

Writes sexy stories that will make you giggle and tickle

Jimbo Jones

Writes about economy and solutions

Dandelion Heart


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Svolná but volná píše příběhy nejen z cest ale i….

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